Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 2: Graceland and Road to Al & Eileen's House (Knoxville)

I think I may end up liking this iPad and this BlogPad app that let's me blog without my laptop. Sitting at the bar in Al & Eileen's house typing away on my new keypad. Day 2 began with Tony and I deciding which method to deal with getting me into Graceland on crutches. After survellience, while Graceland was right next door to the Day's Inn, it was downhill to Graceland and uphill back. A long way on crutches (at least for me only being a newbie). We decided to pay the $15 to park and hope that there was a drop off place for me to go. The security guard was so nice and took care of us and Tony dropped me off at the entrance (received our first warning: it's a walking tour).
My only view of one of Elvis' plane
Head to the ticket office and VIP has its own will call line. It opens and Renee (she's a leftie) takes care of us (receive my second warning: it's a walking tour). And then Renee looked at Tony and said that we need to ask for a wheelchair so "you don't get her tired out") and even refunds me $5 for the airplane tour since I will not be making it up into the airplane. They take our picture (don't know if this was sent to my email, or if I need to go find it somewhere) on a green screen. Supposedly it'll have us standing at the gate to Graceland. And then give us our iPad (tour narrated by John Stamos). 
The ultimate tourist (only missing the pulled up black socks and hush puppies)
  And onto the VIP shuttle to Graceland across the street. There is a wheelchair waiting for me. 
John Stamos narrated tour (Tony gave to me to wear in the wheelchair)
    And off we go.  Graceland is SMALL. And space is tight. And tourists are so busy looking at their iPads that they don't pay any attention to anyone.
Living room (awesome peacock stained glass)
And they let lots of people in at the same time. And in a wheelchair, not quite a great experience for either of us. Elvis has TVs in every room in his house. Not unlike our set up.  The backyard is pretty plain. But horses right next to it (one is an ancestor of one of Elvis' horses -- I think Brandi?). I wish I had more to blog about on Graceland. The John Stamos narrated tour helped me since I couldn't go down into the basement and with the crowds, we didn't spend as much time as we would have liked. The people who work at Graceland are great. They made Tony ditch me a couple of times so he could see stuff I couldn't (basement). 
Back of the house at Graceland. To the left is the racquet ball building.
Basement with purple sofa (no Tony, it won't fit in the man cave)
  Found out if we go back again that you need to go after 2 pm when the crowds are lighter. With the VIP pass, you can go as many times in a day as you want.  On the way back on the shuttle, kaboom. There ended up our time at Graceland and Tony goes to get the truck while I get moving towards the entrance. Head to the Harley Davidson Graceland store for shirts (and a folding chair that we're going to bungee cord with my crutches so that I have a place to sit on stops). I now have a favorite Harley shirt with Elvis on the front. And it's purple (to go with my rain gear). I think it may have some sparkly silver on it too. And our time is over at Graceland (in an hour) is over. Off to Knoxville to Al & Eileen's. Try to stop in Nashville to eat at another Diners Drive Ins and Dives place (think it was called Arnold's), but Nashville is under construction and parking with the truck and the trailer would be non existent and we bailed. Late lunch at Whitt's BBQ. Pulled pork sandwich (yummy).
Vinegar and Rib Sauce's at Whitt's BBQ
  Back on the road. 40 is hilly, curvy, but nice and smooth. Lots of semis. One stop to get gas before Al's. And the power goes out. A few gallons. Good because our first traffic pileup. Wayz (sp?) app says it'll be awhile. Clears, but we may need an alternate route back with the pile up on the other side looking 10 miles.  And then we get to Al's (note: Google maps says to take a right to our destination. We've arrived. At the wrong house. But, I hear a whistle. It's Al. We're hear. Nice to stay out of the truck for a couple of days. Nice to see Al & Eileen. We have the basement and hopefully Tony won't take pictures of me scooting up and down the stairs on my butt. Stairs and crutches. Not so much. Sitting at their bar is like old times at the Lake, or in McKinney or in Denison. Al standing behind the bar. Us sitting at the bar. 
Al & Eileen's Bar
  Note: I will try and add better commentary on this trip. Tony thinks this is too factual and not colorful. This post, not so much. I'll try. 

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