Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Well, this road trip will definitely be blog worthy. And my last ride in a while. At least riding doesn’t involve walking (or using this blasted crutches).

Doctor just called and I have a complex displaced tear in my knee. And some flipped something (bucket). Scheduling surgery because wearing the gristle off the bone doesn’t seem too good. They say only 4-6 week’s recovery, so Michigan golf trip may still be a go. Scheduling the surgery for the week of May 9.

Tony is having to do all of the work prepping for the trip (at least I am an advanced packer and packed before the knee went caput on Sunday – see Tom, Paul, Pete – planning is a good thing). He’s been awesome (of course) driving me around, picking me up off the floor (no, not the whiskey), cooking for me and taking care of me. I’m so glad I have Tony.

We just did a test run and I can successfully (not gracefully) get on the Harley. And successfully (not gracefully) get in the F-150 (with the aid of a bucket of nails – improvisation). Mike is coming with his bike this afternoon to load them up. Tony does have to go to the doctor to pick up the “book” on my surgery. Not sure it sounds like a good read. Maybe Tony will read it for me.

Tony even made me a little crutch purse to hold stuff so I don’t need a purse. And I found my 2008 NIRI SWRC backpack so I also have a backpack on the road trip for stuff.

Sadly, I’m putting up my sticks and cleaning out my golf vehicle for a few weeks. Maybe I’ll find time to clean my clubs while they take a little break.

For all who don’t think that golf isn’t a sport, well, this injury proves that it is. Steph, I didn’t do this to sympathize with you even though we both went to Davidson College (and you’re a big golf nut like me). And it did happen five minutes after your injury on Sunday. Golden State Warriors, you’d better win while we’re sitting the bench.

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