Sunday, May 01, 2016

Back to Memphis on Return Trip

Sitting on the couch at Al & Eileen's watching The Golf Channel (big surprise). Decided to let them all go to the Blue Ridge Harley Davidson in Maryville (sp) -- just south of where we are staying -- and rest my knee and my armpits. 
Blue Ridge Harley Davidson (Tony, Al, Eileen, Mike and Susan visit and shop)
  Long few days on the Harley coming up, with crutches bungee corded on to the bike. 
  What do I do? Well, last night we spoke about where we would stay on our way back to Dallas. Tony wants to still see Nashville or Memphis. So do I, but I'm not as enthused being on crutches. Nashville didn't seem as great to me. And then I googled The Peabody Hotel in Memphis (this is the ones with the ducks that come off the elevator and go into the fountain every day). And then I checked rates and they didn't seem bad. However, while I was online, the rates kept spiking. I called and they can take a truck with the trailer. May be off site, but still workable. And, the valet said it's only two blocks from Beale Street. Tony needs to see Beale Street. I would too, but I think I may see a nice soft bed in my future and sending him on his own (sorry, Tony, but I'm grumpy today and not moving around seems wonderful, like it is today -- maybe I'll be up to hobbling a little more by then).  So, we're booked on Friday at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Then only have about seven hour drive on Saturday back to Dallas. I do need to make sure that we're checked in and settled in the lobby before 5 pm on Friday so we can see the ducks (they don't have names).  After a few days on the Harley, I think this will be a nice and last stop overon our way home. And a nice stay before I have my surgery when I get back.  Wanted to post the Sweetwater Blue beer I had last night: this one supposedly from Tennessee. Had a hint of blueberry to it. I liked it. But, then I just saw that Leinenkugal has Watermelon Shandy this summer and that sounds perfectly fine by me.
Sweet Water Blue Beer

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