Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sore, sore and more sore

Not asking for any sympathy, but these crutches and hurt knee are getting old. Not even a week of crutches and I can't figure out what hurts more: my armpits, back, sides or my knee. Right leg is swollen down to my ankle and I think that the Harley boots will not be making the trip to Asheville. Pink and orange Sketchers all the way.  And scooting up and down stairs. Well, there finally was a photo op.
Scooting down stairs sans crutches
  Day 3 was spent with Al & Eileen, waiting for Mike and Susan to get in from Nashville. You'd think a leisurely ride around Knoxville after breakfast would help me rest up and off my feet and crutches. And then sitting on a bar stool with my leg propped up. A nice dinner at the marina (it was prom night with all of the girls dressed up and texting, not paying attention to anything but their phones). Followed by poker night. Eileen and I are "virgins" at Texas Hold 'Em, but Al, Mike and Tony are not. But, that makes us dangerous because we're unpredictable. Eileen was the BIG winner in the first "tournament." Mike, not so much. 
Eileen's the big winner in Texas Hold 'Em
Texas Hold 'Em
  Think today I'm going to sit on the couch and rest up for tomorrow. We have to pack up for tomorrow's ride to Asheville. Hoping for OK weather so we can do Tail of the Dragon. If it's not good, we'll have to find an alternate route.

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