Sunday, May 08, 2016

Knoxville to Memphis

Friday morning we get up and packed up to head to Memphis for our last leg of the trip back to Dallas: The Peabody Hotel and Beale Street. Towing the bikes back and of course it's a nice day -- sunny and perfect riding weather. Figures. We stop at the Harley dealership in Nashville (Bosswells) on the way (it's in an industrial area on Fessler and took a moment to get there). Tony helped some guys unload a Harley from a minivan (yes, a minivan). This dealership has one of the only two cafes in it -- and we had lunch. Pretty good burgers and fries. Picked up a shirt for Tony (purple) and a ride bell for Al & Eileen.
Minivan Harley Hauler
Part II. Tony helps.
Nashville HD Tshirt (purple)
Ride Bell for Al & Eileen!
Memphis ballpark
  And then off we sped to the Peabody. We realize that we are cutting it really close for the duck walk and Tony may be throwing me out of the truck to see (not that I'M extremely speedy). I call the Peabody on our way because no one has called me back as I have requested. I get Angie on the phone and she's sympathetic to the situation and apologizes. She also moves us to a king room and was going to see about a room with a bigger bathroom since I'm on crutches. While I'm on the phone, I ask her about parking. When we spoke to the hotel on Saturday, they said it shouldn't be a problem to park, and if it is, they have an overflow lot. What they didn't tell me on Saturday is that if we have to park in the overflow, offsite lot, there is a $75 extra parking charge. Angie says she'll speak to them and they would call me back if there is a problem, but they aren't full so it shouldn't be a problem. I amuse myself with Wayz, this cool map app that is like a game. You see hazards and cops and other stuff. And can get points. Great for a road trip. I don' think it's that great if you're doing it while driving, but while navigating, I had fun. We get to the Peabody just in time and I take Tony's phone and head that way while he parks. The lobby is crowded on two levels, with people waiting to see the walk. No one is terribly sympathetic of me and my crutches -- I even dropped one and they all just looked at me. Trying to video this while trying to balance on crutches led to a rather poor (well, complete and utter c**p) video.  We decide we're going to stay later and watch them walk again at 11:00 am. The Peabody has upgraded us to an Executive King Suite. Quite nice and roomy. Cool thing: they have automatic sensor lights around the bed, so when you get out of bed, you have a nightlight. Bad thing: they do not have in room coffee maker (this isn't just bad, it's awful). Good thing: they give you duck shaped soap. Bad thing: Tony said that the bathtub would have been a disaster for me. 
Peabody Elevator Floor
Resting after drive with high-class snacks (Cheez It's and Pringles)
We decide we're going to do Beale street, but after chatting with some of the horse carriage drivers, it's a bit of a haul for me. All of the horse carriage drivers have dogs with them. They just sit and ride along. The carriage drivers all charge different amounts (from $25 to $55, plus tips). Ultimately, Tony and I decide I'm going to see about getting to Beale Street on my own. And then figure out how to come back. Just as we rounded the corner, a horse carriage driver offers to take us there for $10. Sold! Off to Beale Street (which is closed to traffic, with a security check point to get in). They also ID you for everything. We sit on the street and Tony goes to take pictures and do a check for where we might go and how far I could go. End up at the King's Palace Cafe, where we split a rack of ribs (half wet, half dry) and a bread pudding (total chocolate goodness, and I don't really like chocolate). Sorry that there aren't more exciting Beale Street stories, but that's how it goes on crutches. We catch a carriage back, with a woman who has a cat, not a dog (cat named Gelding...). Back to the Peabody and give the horse a kiss and call it a night. Damn crutches. Tomorrow morning we're going to see the duck walk and then head back to Dallas.
BB King's on Beale Street
Beale Street
King's Palace Cafe (if you don't know if you like ribs wet or dry, ask for half and half)

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