Friday, June 02, 2017

Day 3: All over the place (about 210 miles)

We wake up in the morning and check the weather. Looks like it’s going to miss us for the day, but there is talk about severe weather – including hail and tornados – in the evening. We look for a route that loops us back to the cabin before we think it could hit. 187 to 62 over to Harrison to 65 to 123 (this is supposed to be their “Dragon” so might as well see how it compares. The over to 74, up 23 and do 12 back to 62 and home. 12 is supposed to have some historic mill. And it’s often featured as a good ride. This means that Tony and I get to do the part of 62 and 187 that looked great from a ride standpoint.

Map of Rides

Tom, Tony, Liz, Rick, Betty Lou, Al, Eileen (and yes, those are Kangeroos I'm sporting)

The ride to Harrison isn’t that exciting and some was having repair work being done to it. When we stop in Harrison to top off (you need to do this when you think you see something with a population over 2000 people). At the Shell station we witness a red light runner almost hit another Harley pulling into the Shell. Take a deep breath.

We finally get to 123. Well, when we stopped, the comments: “more like a lizard than a dragon.” Nothing to it. But, still a pretty ride. Just don’t compare it to the “Dragon.” I remembered taking 74 before and liking it and remembering some steep hills and hard turns. The first part isn’t too much, but is pretty and has nice pavement. When you pass through Jasper and take a left back onto 74, this is when it gets a little more exciting. Unfortunately, we got behind a slow car for it (Tom’s comment after we finished: let’s go back and do it again). Stop in Lost Valley, that supposedly is populated by elk (we haven’t spotted one yet – but there were cows across the street from the viewing area). Take 21 North to Kingston to get back on 74 to 23. We did not eat at the café, but we did get ice cream for a snack, since we didn’t know when we’d stop for lunch (or what we’d find). The ice cream, snow cone and espresso/antique store has been around since 18-something.
Ice cream in Kingston

We’re hoping Huntsville will be it (it has a population over 2000).

We scored lunch at Lori’s Main Street Café that used to be an old theatre. Doesn’t work yet, but they have a Facebook Page and website ( The special was a pulled pork sandwich or catfish and fries. Everyone had one or the other, except me. I had the Chicken and Cheddar Salad with smoked chicken (it was good and much needed salad). The food was good and tasty. We sat in the back, back room. Huntsville is big enough and a good stop to get gas, eat, etc. (there’s even a Pizza Hut).

Then off to 412 (this is a four-lane highway – it was windy and pretty exposed) and then to 45 then to 12 (pretty nice turns and ride, but we got behind another slow moving car making it less of a ride – and there pretty much isn’t any place to pass). We decide that since it’s getting late and the weather is approaching that we don’t need to stop at the Mill and pass it by. To 62 (part of it is four lanes, and then it turns into a nice ride with twists and turns and pretty scenery) and home on 187 (across Beaver Dam). The route pretty much takes us all of the way around Beaver Lake.

Dinner: steak (make sure you turn Betty Lou’s into shoe leather), special smoked corn and baked potatoes. We don’t go hungry here. People ask for my special grilled corn recipe, so here it is:
·        Fresh, shucked sweet corn
·        3-4 tablespoons melted butter (you can use less if you have fewer people)
·        ½ cup honey
·        2-3 tablespoons hot sauce (Tabasco, Pete’s, whatever you like)
·        ¼ teaspoon paprika
·        Salt and Pepper

Stir the ingredients together and put into a Ziploc (or other similar) bag. Add the corn. Seal the bag and massage around. Typically I’ll let it “marinate” for at least a couple of hours, up to a full day.
Put on grill (medium heat good) and the grill for about 15-20 minutes, flipping occasionally to get good grill marks.

Another nice day of riding and great company.

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