Friday, June 02, 2017

Day 5: Back to Dallas

Heading back is the worst part of a trip. You have to pack up, check out, gas up and get on the road. We’re going back the same way we came up. Al & Eileen have the longest drive. Tom, Betty Lou and Rick are going to take 23 down and then Tom was going to jump on the Interstate to head home. Betty Lou and Rick were going to take back roads home.

Off we head, making pretty good time. We keep noticing the left fender taking a beating and then see that the license plate looks lose and stop. It’s breaking off. Take a picture of it, in case we get pulled over. We exit onto 69 and the exit is really, really bumpy. And off goes the license plate. Stop and Tony walks back to try and retrieve it. Trailer stop number 2 on the way back. Can I tell you again how AWFUL 69 is? It’s AWFUL. There just doesn’t seem to be a smooth route on any of our trailer trips. We stop at McAlester (sp?) to grab lunch and take a break from the bumps.

69 turns into 75 in Texas and is pretty smooth until Denison. The left fender is wiggling madly and we stop on a service road in Denison and use duct tape and zip ties to hopefully keep the fender on until we get home. Duct tape is our friend and we get home with all of the pieces to the trailer.

Eureka Springs trip is over and back to work. I’m going to go virtual for the month of June and need to get my home office set up.

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