Friday, June 02, 2017

Day 4: Missouri

I am obsessed with checking off states. I have three running lists: States visited (47), States Golfed (26), and States Biked (12). I want to cross off Missouri since we are so close. Tony had picked up a bunch of paper maps at the Harley dealership with featured rides since knows I love my paper maps. We take a guess and decide to do the Screamin’ Eagle Ride that takes us up to Missouri and then back to Eureka Springs. Another good-looking loop (about 155 miles).
This is how the bikes were locked up at night.

Screamin' Eagle Ride Map

Take 187 to 62 and head towards Rogers to 94. Take a right. 94 is a cool road. It kind of meanders along. Curvy but not twisty. Up and down, but rolling more than steep. I really liked this ride. Then another right at 76 (I like right turn loops).

76 is a boring ride. Straight, very few curves, the occasional cow and horse. Right on 37, which takes you through the Mark Twain National Forest. This is a pretty ride with plenty of curves. Not too twisty or steep, but nice riding, lined by the forest. Left on 112, right on F (Missouri has a lot of routes with letters, not numbers), right on 86. Stop, I think in Eagle Rock for lunch at the Office Pub.

The Office Pub

Then back to 23 into Eureka Springs, going through historic Eureka Springs. We didn’t go through this the last time we were there. It’s kind of neat – old buildings built into the side of the mountain. Narrow two lane road. Traffic backs things up. Been there, done that. We’re more about the rides than the stops.
Historic Eureka Springs

Blurry Picture in Historic Eureka Springs

At the end of the ride, Tony and I realized we’ve now officially done the entire Pig Trail ( All 129.88 miles of it.

We decided to load the bikes. Tony and I drive down to the cabin. Easier to load a bike on a grass field with seven people, just in case, than just me and Tony. Riding’s over and we did about 585 over three days. Not bad.

Dinner: burgers (reminder to put Betty Lou’s on the grill about two hours before everyone else’s).

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