Friday, June 30, 2017

Highs and Lows of June's Virtual Month

We've been working virtually in June at the ‘berg, waiting for our new digs to be ready in the Design District. It’s been great (no, awesome). I worked a few from home, then headed to Orlando for a NIRI conference (that's really virtual), then back for the rest of the month. My virtual office traveled to Sharky's a couple of times. Hey, virtual and beer go together.

There are pros and cons to working virtually.

  • No commute. While my commute is only six miles, and in the morning, I get in early and there isn’t much traffic, it does give me 15 minutes in the morning and about 30 minutes in the evening to do what I want with. I added the 15 minutes in the morning to my workout. And the 30 minutes in the evening are mine!
  • No makeup. No getting ready to go somewhere. Granted, it feels odd to be sitting in my PJs or workout clothes all day. But, give the dry cleaning bill a break for a month.
  • Virtual is virtual. The US Open was on last week so my office moved upstairs so that it could be on TV while working. Conference call at Sharky's? No problem.
  • Schedule those home tune ups. AC tune up? Check. Water heater tune up? Check.
  • Check ins. Tony periodically checks in on me. And brings me breakfast tacos and breakfast.
  • Meetings. Fewer internal meetings. More productive in-person meetings. We did agree to a once a week in person meeting at our new office and maximized that time together. We also scheduled weekly lunches at various places (e.g. Gloria's in Bishop Arts).
  • Fewer downed trees. I really like printing. Yes, I do. But, I only have a black and white laser printer at home. As a result, I printed less. 
Virtual Office (most of the time) in The Red Room

Virtual Lunch in the Executive Dining Room (with the Wall Street Journal, of course)


  • I don’t have a landline anymore and I do miss a “regular” phone for calls.
  • Routine. I’m lucky that I like routines. I am still reading my Wall Street Journal at lunch in my dining room. I am still doing my morning get ready to go to work routine (work out, read Dallas Morning News, watch news – sans makeup and dressing). I am turning off my computer at the end of the day and turning the lights off in my office and shutting the door. If you don’t set up a routine, working virtually could be a disaster.
  • Weight gain. read about check ins. I could put on the weight having breakfast made for me. But, read about routine and my lunch routine may change. Plus I’ve added an extra 15 minutes per day to my work out.
  • Custodial service. I am it. But, I think the house is a little cleaner as a result of it.
  • Face to face time. Yes, we have fewer internal meetings. But, it can mean that the reviews and stuff a creative agency needs aren’t as organized and timely. But, since I’m known for follow up, you can “stalk” and get what you need.
Surprisingly, this was not my virtual office the entire month of June.
No, I didn't go this virtual (unfortunately).

Sadly, the virtual month of June is over today. But, I'm thinking that there may be more virtual in the future.

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