Tuesday, July 12, 2011

8 Days Until Michigan

It's 105 degrees + in Texas these days. Way to hot.

But, on the bright side -- 8 days until we hit Northern Michigan and our golf trip. This is about the time the the bantering amongst us happens. With newbies, Tom and I usually initiate it and see if everyone is up for the banter.

Think this year will be a good group. Daigle is definitely up to the banter. Think his jaw will drop at the beautiful courses that he's been reluctant to check up on because he wants to be surprised. Being the only woman on the trip, I usually expose them to some pictures of "hunks."

Example today was Tom emailing us that Veronica from Forest Dunes was asking if we needed any amenities at the house for our arrival. I responded with: firemen (after spending lunch at a chili cookoff that we judged with firemen). Tom responded that they may be able to find an old 350 pound fireman. I responded with, no, need one of these please:

Tom, responded with -- well, I won't post it because it was an over 400 pound gentleman who doesn't need to be featured on my blog. Bob responded with an email -- that we need to talk to him about because he either can't type or can't spell so interpretation was suspect.

Then, realized that Forest Dunes is owned by the plumbers union, found this gem on the Internet and think he may be there when we arrive:

Let the days tick off, and the banter continue. Michigan, here we come! Forest Dunes, Boyne, Treetops, Bay Harbor, True North, Tullymore. We might actually head over to Mackinac Island our afternoon off to play on their Executive Putting Course (sounds like miniature golf without the clown's mouth). Waiting for them to rerun the handicaps so we can polish up the spreadsheet.

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