Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 3: The Mountain

We almost always have our first day at Boyne at the Mountain (Alpine and Monument) so that we don’t have to drive around much. Grab breakfast. Read the paper (big news about Tiger and Steve Williams parting ways). Pack up the car (again since we have to move to Creekside). Head to the courses.

Start off on Monument (takes 15 minutes to drive to the top of the mountain from the pro shop). Play down the mountain to the “valley” on this course that honors top golfers with plaques and stories along the way. Have lunch at the half way house after our first round. Then off to play Alpine. Don’t know what hole Bob decided that he was going to play barefoot. Then Tom followed suit. I finally succumbed to it and the grass is so spongy and soft that it’s amazing. In Texas, the ground is hard and hot.
Finish our round and check in (long, long line for check in that Bob and I bypass -- then Bob goes and gets us beers at the bar as we go through check in). Off to Creekside. This place is nice. And has a hot tub. Settle in and unpack. Clean up and decide to go to the Beach House for dinner. Tom and I remember it as being nice -- with fish on a plank. Not the case anymore. It’s definitely gone “family.” Service is spotty. Food is incredibly bad. Bob returns his for a steak. The steak is incredibly bad as well. But, they comp his meal and give us a discount. Extreme disappointment. Don’t know if it’s the economy, or just Boyne. Sad to see.

Back to Creekside to rest up for our day at Treetops (8 free rounds of golf). We’re assuming that Mark isn’t going to make it to Treetops and aren’t sure when he’ll get in.

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