Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 1: Travel day

Can’t believe I’m sitting in bed at 435 am (335 am Texas time) wide awake, watching ESPN (because Golf Channel is still on infomercials) deciding to get caught up on the blogging for the trip (at least started). No WiFi because we’re staying at Creekside and Boyne doesn’t reach there. And not uploading photos (because my camera is in my golf bag (story to follow).

Well, I’m in Michigan. On my annual golf trip. Life is good. Recap since we left, blog by blog.

Our first day sets the course for the trip. We don’t have to leave on a 630 am flight like we usually do (but should have because I was bored by 7 am and itching to get to the airport). But, Tony appreciated me because he didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to take me and Tom (and Bob this time) to the airport.

Off to the airport, picking up Tom (no problem) then Bob at our office (on way there, Tom gets a text about him being stuck on 75 -- we’re early but wondering if that’s going to be typical -- that’s important on as Tom calls it: a “hut hut hut trip.” Bob gets there. We tightly load up the Explore (another note: hard to fit three people’s golf bags in their travel bags, and suitcases for a week golf trip, and four bodies into a a Ford Explorer -- why we rent a mini van on the trip).

Tony drops us off, we check in, no incidents through security (actually, Bob had his bag searched), then head to the Admirals Club for lunch (and free beer). Weird that Admirals Club has all of these free things -- and then charges for bottled water. Would think Fiji would step in for some promotions and donate water (at least occasionally).

Finally, time to board. We’re all in row 12 (exit row). No incidents because I had crossword puzzle, soduku. And, a new Clive Cussler downloaded onto my Kindle. Plane take off. Plane lands. Bags arrive with us all in one piece. The Town and Country mini van that Tom had been talking about -- we have one. And, it has Sirius (this is important in Michigan where the radio, cell, any electronic coverage can be spotty). Off we head to /Forest Dunes in Roscommon, Michigan, about three and a half hours away per our maps (we have a printout, garmin and backup from the Forest Dunes website). Pretty boring drive. We stop in Cadillac at Glen’s to stock up on staples (Diet Mountain Dew, Vernors, Oberon, Better Made Butter Braided Pretzels, Apples, Cherries, Almonds -- you know, STAPLES!). Then, Bob’s looking to stop for a cigarette -- ice cream, screech. Pull in for our first ice cream on the trip.

Get to Forest Dunes (in the middle of nowhere). Pick up the “keys” to the Eagle at the bar and go and find our house (on the seventh hole). This house is nice. Three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, nicely furnished, comfy beds. Bob, who hasn’t played here, goes skipping out with his pitching wedge to pitch and putt. Head for one last beverage at the bar (no one is there -- Michigan does close down early). Off to bed for Day 2.

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