Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 2: Forest Dunes

Good night sleep. Wake up, make coffee. This is when we usually don’t find out how compatible a newbie will be with me and Tom on this trip (meaning: just because you think you can get up a the crack of dawn every day, doesn’t mean you can). Why? Because the first day for a rookie is like the first day of school. Way too excited. It’s further along in the trip that we find out.

36 holes of golf today at Forest Dunes -- how good is this. Get there before it’s even opened. We don’t care. Craig (he played with us the year that Steve came with us -- I don’t think I blogged much because of wifi problems) was going to join us so that we had a foursome until Mark shows up. Bob has his mouth opened already and we haven’t even teed off. Great first round re-remembering the course. Quick lunch (their food is good). Go around again (even easier to remember two times in a day). I like the front nine over the back nine. I think it’s just the woods/preserve type of courses that I enjoy over links -- or maybe I just play them better?). Have a beer and tally up the trash (we played robins and team trash -- for once, I cleaned up with $45 and Tom lost most of it -- yes, I was throwing a party).

Bob’s mouth (btw) was still open. And probably full of bugs because that is Forest Dunes only problem as I see it: bugs (not mosquitos, just no see ems, horse flys, bugs).

Off we head to Boyne (about an hour, hour and a half when you stop for ice cream (DQ, because Chet requested it), Subway for Bob (he needs three square -- Tom and I are good with ice cream and pretzels and almonds) and 7-11 (Big Gulp for Tom -- note to potential sponsors of this trip -- being in advertising, I have no issue name dropping products (but, if I don’t like your product, beware!).

Pull in to the Grand Lodge for check in. This is always an adventure because Boyne’s front desk isn’t always the swiftest. This is the case for this check in as well, but Scott is a sweetheart. And, then we get to our room (the Salzburg Suite). We’ve been making fun of Bob for a couple of days about the Hansel and Gretal room (it’s real and we knew it). BUT, in real life, it’s super real -- and Bob took a look and went “no f**” -- well, you get the drift -- and went out for a cigarette. Tom and I looked at each other and Tom says “we need to fix this.” NOTE TO BOYNE, IF YOU READ THIS: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER ASSIGN THE SALZBURG SUITE WITH THE HANSEL AND GRETAL ROOM (NOT A ROOM) TO PEOPLE ON A GOLF PACKAGE. That rooms is NOT for an adult and should not be considered a room.

Down we go to the front desk. Scott again (sweetheart). Well, he listens to our story and gets flustered. And then gets Logan. Tom explains our predicament. We need three bathrooms (because of me needing my own bathroom). And then we need four bedrooms (sometimes three is OK because people don’t mind bunking up). The Hansel and Gretal room is not sufficient as a fourth. What can we do? Logan gets on the phone -- another Boyne inefficiency is that Logan’s “book” and the person on the phones “book” don’t synch up. But, we hear Creekside. Four bedrooms. Three bathrooms. Hot tub. Only bad thing: can’t get in until the next day. No problem. We’re three people and no one will have to sleep in the Hansel and Gretal room (unless they really want to).

Shower then grab a drink in the bar and then off to bed.

The great thing about Boyne beds is that they are super comfy.

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