Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 4: Treetops

Two years ago after playing and staying at Treetops, I wrote a polite letter to Treetops about the condition of the course (slow play, poor course conditions, outdated rooms -- think: teal bathroom fixtures -- and really bad toilet paper). The result of my letter was a phone call to discuss, followed by 8 free rounds of golf at Treetops. While we decided not to stay there, free golf is free golf. And the courses are beautiful, even if the course conditions were not. Maybe they’d have improved by the time we came back.

Drive to Gaylord, stopping at McDonalds on the way. Masterpiece (the course that was in pretty poor condition last time) was first up. We had already heard that the course still wasn’t up to snuff from someone at Forest Dunes. Well, bunkers still weren’t great, but at least the pace of play was fine. Bob really, really liked the elevation (sometimes three clubs less on a couple of downhill par 3s). Headed to Premiere next, grabbing lunch. I couldn’t hit the side of a barn so I eventually decided I’d ride around in the cart and drink beer. But, luckily, the skies opened and we looked at the map on the scorecard to try to figure out how to get back to the parking lot. Looked like it wasn’t going to work until we found a dirt track that we decided was a maintenance or marshal shortcut. It was. Tom gets the car (using the best umbrella ever from Ensco). Bob and I hide out with everyone else, trying to stay dry. Note on the Town and Country windshield wipers -- they work. Well enough that when they are going full steam next to people standing next to them -- they splash lots of water. Poor couple kept saying -- turn off the wipers!!! Bob and I are giggling.
A mile down the road, heading back to the condo -- dry as can be. But, I know Bob and I are happy to have a half round less than what we planned. Rest up. Swing through Meijers for amenities (Vernors, Monster, Better Made Butter Braided Pretzels, fruit). Shower up. After the night be fore’s experience at dinner, figure we could go into town for a meal. Tom and I are watching golf. Bob heads upstairs. While later and Bob is still upstairs. While later and there is a noise coming from upstairs. Ask Tom if that’s snoring coming from there. Put on mute. Yep. Bob is sacked out, snoring like Darth Vader. Guess that dinner may be out now. Doesn’t matter to me and Tom.
Phone rings and Mark’s at the Grand Lodge, checking in. We warned him it could be an experience to check in. We’d already had two of them ourselves, and each time, they told us Mark would have to pay for what he missed. We know, we know! Tom and I head over to the Lodge, wondering if Mark is even where we think he is supposed to be. He is. And, Logan, our best buddy at Boyne, was helping him check in (guess pre-Logan the check in wasn’t going so smoothly). Couple minutes later and we’re on our way to the townhouse.
Bob and Mark are hungry (it’s now 900ish). Tom and I aren’t. We send frick and frack out on their own to forage for food (hoping that they also figure out how to get back to the townhouse on their own).

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