Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chicago to Michigan

Okay, seems like old times, only this year I'm blogging sitting on the floor in the loft of the Bowne Disciples condo we're staying at. Haven't figured out if this is going to be the place.
The adventure began uneventfully. Upgrade to first class. Flight gets in on time. Pick up Mini Van at Hertz (it's a Kia), and head to Al's. Lots of construction in the area, but I make it there in good time -- in such good time that noone is home. But, it's only 80 (yes!) degrees so I sit on their front porch and rock in the glider. I'm on vacation.

Al shows up and gives me a tour of the house (hard to believe how long it's been). Looks great -- so much roomier than before. Before I know it, the girls are home. A little shy at first, but then -- I'm their buddy. Don't know what they say half of the time, but they are adorable. Can't tell Lily and Clara apart at first, but get the hang of it. Good thing is that Clara likes green -- green clogs. And Lily likes blue -- blue clogs. That helps a lot!

They're having neighbors over for a pizza party in honor of Lily and Clara's birthday -- number 3. Robert makes yummy margaritas. After they leave, we give the girls a bath (they definitely aren't modest!) -- and then they help me get ready for bed and proceed to dress up in my golf clothes and high heels. Note to self: ship them old party clothes for dress up.

Off to bed. Don't sleep much at all so I slip out the door at 445 am and head to Michigan. My goal was to stop by the golf course and the cottage. Don't get that opportunity. Easy drive and find Glenn Shores without any trouble. It's amazing how much closer things are when you're older.

Glenn Shores is for sale. I walk around, look around. The course is in pretty bad shape -- actually, the main house more than the course. That's the sad part. Cars all over the place, weird fences. So, I get in the car and drive around to the cottage. Again, no more red house that you can see from the road. It's now behind stuff. And brown.

Enough of that. I head to Grand Rapids to pick up Frank, Ryan and Tom. Jason calls on the way. We'll miss him this trip. And he's missing us already.

NOTE TO PEOPLE READING THIS BLOG FOR THE FIRST TIME: Yes, if you don't golf, you'll be BORED. Yes, if you don't know these people, you'll be BORED. And, I'll edit postings and add photos as I find the time. It's hard to blog on the floor. And when you don't have time, since you're doing two a days.

On the way there, I stop by the HD store in Grand Rapids and then Mejers for sodas, pretzels, cherries (yum) and gas. By the time I get to the terminal, Frankie's here and Linda's already gone. Next: Ryan.
Now the adventure begins. Ryan's here. No bags. Don't know which flight. OK, now for Tom. We head to the bar and have lunch and watch golf. Pete calls to talk about Saturday at the club and "equitable play" (that's worth another blog). Tells me I suck because we had Aurelios. Tom shows. His bags too. Decision time: hang around GR until about 330 and get Ryan's bag. Let them find Ryan's bag, possibly ship to Chicago, then to Traverse, then drive to Boyne. 50/50. Tom sits down on the floor, boots up the computer and finds a course near the airport - Thornapple Pointe ( Tom did say something about the movies -- but we nixed that idea.

We decide to hang out. Ryan's wearing flip flops and a tshirt, but they let us on. The internet calls it a nice, but "strange" course. Wonder what that means. The course is right next to the freeway and the airport -- and the wind is kicking!

We're in Michigan so the games begin: robins and trash! Ryan gets us a bit worried with a par, net birdie on the first. We didn't see much of that after that hole. Frankie's playing well. Tom... Me, not so good. The strangeness of the course is that if you haven't played it before, you have no idea -- even with the GPS -- what's over the hill. Note to newbies: GUNK -- thick GUNK.

But, the back nine I woke up and shot a 39. So far: Tom's a three time winner in Robins. Frank's killing in trash (12). I'm not doing bad. Ryan's trailing.
So, off to the airport to pick up Ryan's stuff. We pull up to the pick up drop off and drop Ryan and Tom off and pull over. Think the security guard is going to make us drive around. Instead, he chats us up. Just moved here from Idaho and Phoenix of all places. Hates Texas. Used to live in San Antonio and thinks it's an armpit. Oh well. He still lets us stay on the side. Tom and Ryan come out 10 minutes later -- emptyhanded. Seems that the competent airline (Delta) decided to ship them up to Boyne. They're on their way (we think). Tom and Ryan talk about the intangibles. Whatever that means. We'll see.
Drive to Boyne. Yes, bags are there! Check in. Shower. Sleep. Wake up. Blog. Pretty soon: breakfast. Today begins our two a days at the Mountain -- Alpine and Monument.

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Allison said...

Can I say, for the record, that we had a ton of leftover Aurelios that Liz could have taken with her? I've been eating it for 3 days and will do it again on Saturday when Dad arrives!!