Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Days in Michigan

Friday morning we got up, leisurely packed up the car -- seemed more packed than before. And made the drive down to Holland. No golf today. Seems weird, but relaxing. Stop in Cadillac for breakfast -- try to go to the place we went last year. But it's closed. The Big Boy looked packed so we headed back through Cadillac to Bob Evans. I'd never been to a Bob Evans-- great coffee.

Off we go. Frank's driving. He knows the way. Get to the motel and check in. What do do? Decide that we need to show Ryan Lake Michigan and head to the Holland state park. All of those years in Michigan and I didn't realize that Holland had a beach. Only thought that they had a Mejiers Thrify Acres. Ryan is impressed -- not just with the beach, but the young girls. Have to take a picture of the seagulls since that's what Ryan called Tom during the week when it came to food. Perfect nickname for him, even though all I can hear is that seagull in the Little Mermaid that sings really really poorly!

After the beach, then off to a blueberry farm -- Frank's good friends with the owner. We graze. Graze some more. Learn about the blueberry pickers. Graze some more. LOVE blueberries.

Drop Frank off at Linda's mom's and then off to play miniature golf. Tom, Ryan and I all start off with hole in ones! But that was just the first hole and we proceeded to get eaten up by the course. There are hazards (Tom found), four putts, and more. Tom took $1 from me and $4 or $5 from Ryan.

Dinner then bed. In the morning, we're playing the Ravines and have to leave before 6 am for our 7 am tee times. The Ravines is in Saugatuck. I'm carting Tom around this morning and playing the womens tees -- just worn out and want a relaxing round. Not even playing in the game. I manage to shoot a respectable 82. This is a great course that I hope we can play again. Saw some turkeys. This trip hasn't been as full of wildlife as other years.
The greens are in excellent shape -- even though you have to be on the proper side of the hole or three putts are definitely easy. Ryan's putting saga continued. Until the 17th hole -- a par three. He four putts.

And then proceeds to hurl his putter into the ravine in between the tee box and the green. About time. Time to buy a new putter!
The golf vacation is over and we pack up the car and head to the Grand Rapids Airport to drop them off and then head to Chicago. Stop by and buy blueberries and peaches and a blueberry pie on the way at the exit that would take me to Glenn Shores. It's not a bad drive to Chicago, except for the construction zones that slow me down. And all of the cops on the road preventing me from going 80 mph.

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wait!! we must get together in michigan! when are you coming here next?