Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 2, 3 and 4: True North/Little Traverse Bay, Hills/Heather, Ross/Moor

I'm usually pretty daily about my blog, but haven't been this trip. For the past three days I've been suffering some sort of "intestinal malady." Don't know whether it's food poisoning or a bug, but yesterday afternoon Powerade became my savior and made the gurgles stop. Sitting next to my computer now with that same wonder beverage, hoping that today the gurgles will end. Sorry, but the photos are a little lacking too. I'll try to fill in with new "color" later, but I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things.

So, recap:
Monday, normal morning. Wake up, stretch, get in car, drive to McDonalds, get to True North. In the fog. Lots of fog. True North is a private club just past Boyne Highlands and is beautiful. Today, Frank didn't shoot a 78/79 -- I definitely didn't either. But I enjoyed the course more time #2.

Then off to Little Traverse Bay Golf Club, 995 Hideaway Valley Road, Harbor Springs, MI 49740, (231) 526-6200 (Golf Shop), (231) 526-7800 (Restaurant),

Get a little lost, but find it. Then off to the snack shack for brats and beer. Have to say then that it didn't sit really good on my tummy. But nothing was that day. Little Traverse Bay is a really pretty course. Great views. Like most of the Michigan courses, lots of elevation.

Dinner on the patio. I still just wasn't hungry, but ordered something thinking it would go away. Needless to say, after a really really long wait for our food -- plus the darkness and chill setting in outside -- I took two bites and ran to the golf course. No more dinner for me (Tom said it was pretty good). We get back to the condo and I promptly retire to chills and ickiness. Sleep pretty much none and then find I can't hold down pain reliever in the morning (that really sucks)

Next morning is Hills and Heather. I'm still not feeling great. Definitely not hungry, gurgling stomach. But, we head out into the fog (which looks like driving rain when you're in it). Hills is one of my favorite courses. And it definitely becomes Ryan's -- he shoots an 80-something (wonderful considering his handicap is about a 26 and he's been shooting 100s) -- and takes all of our money. Fewer three putts helped that score. I dont' shoot that bad either -- Tom thinks because I purged the night before.

Heather. I like this course too. I always forget which course is which until I start playing.

Dinner at Bob In.

Wednesday: Ross and Moor. Up again and still can't hold down pain reliever and have the gurgling stomach. I actually contemplate NOT playing golf. But the idea of golfing feeling awful, or watching the Olympics and Oprah at the condo. Well, golf of course seemed better. So, off we go again. I don't really care about golf in the a.m. and it shows. Oh well. The view is at least nice. Moor. Last time we played, we only made it through about 3 holes and it was so slow that we went in. So, I haven't really played this course. First cart girl I decide to get Powerade. SMART move. It made the serious gurgling stop that was so distracting (and a bit alarming).
I started playing better, but not great. It's nice just to not hear the gurgles. Moor is a pretty course. Lots of little marshes. The wheels have fallen off most of us -- this is round nine.
Dinner: Bob in.
Tomorrow, Bay Harbor.

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