Monday, August 11, 2008

First Two a Day - Alpine and Monument

Our first two a days began with an easy day at the mountain without much driving. Alpine and Monument. Start off with heading to the lodge for breakfast -- and we discover that there is no more buffet! We like the buffet at Boyne. Especially grabbing a couple of apples and some cereal for the course. But don't really need that much food.

Then off to golf. I won't retell these courses since I did last year -- in fact, don't have many photos yet. Maybe today at True North and Little Traverse Bay (new course).

Will tell everyone that it was CHILLY all day. The marshalls and cart girls (from Michigan) had on gloves and sweatshirts and were talking long underwear. And then there's this group from Texas all wearing shorts. But, as we kept saying, it's not 107 degrees!

Dinner and then watch a bit of the Olympics. Then bed.

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