Friday, August 15, 2008

Wheels are off

Well, Thursdays the wheels are really pretty much off - except for Tom. Well, maybe also Tom but he's so much better his misses aren't as bad as our duffs. But, we're at Bay Harbor. My favorite. Breakfast first at Sagamore (sp) at the hotel. First real meal I've had in a few days. No gurgling stomach. Get to the club, check in, check out the pro shop where I quickly decide on what I'll purchase later this afternoon.
Morning: Preserves/Links

Beautiful day. Not too windy, sunny, not too cold or hot. PERFECT. I know I haven't been really good about blogging this trip, but we've had a lot of fun, despite my ickiness. Ryan is a great addition. He started off as a legit 26+ handicap and has improved tremendously. Good enough that we don't mind having him as our partner (especially with all of the strokes) in a robin. Good enough that he's taking all of our money with all of his strokes. And I guess we can say that his putting has improved. Each of us has a different way of helping him with putting. Tom gets him all aligned. Frank works on his stroke. I just tell him in my own way where I would putt it and kinda how (i.e. dink, tap, easy). Depending on where he is on the green, it works. Sometimes...

Frankie is good at giving him nicknames. If only I wrote them down. Let's see: Dingleberry, Fuzznuts, Doofus, Baby, Lug nuts, Big Foot... all in love, not meanspiritness. And he takes it well.

Lunch on the patio in our regular spot on the Quarry 9th hole overlooking the water. Perfecto.

Afternoon: Quarry/Preserves. But, we have a problem. A deloitte "outing" that makes the round five and a half hours long. Killer. And no beer cart woman. Ugh...

Another beautiful day, but we're all dragging. Decide on pizza for dinner. And then at dinner decide that golfing isn't mandatory and we're going to sleep in (read: 530), pack up, have a nice breakfast and head to Holland early to goof off, play miniature golf and enjoy the day. How 'bout that? Yes, no golf one of the days. Just one more on Saturday in Holland at the Ravines.
Michigan trip almost over and time to head back to Chicago to see the family. And have more Aurelios!

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