Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 1 - On the road

We did it. Got out of Dallas and headed North. Tony had struggles all day with the trailer. Left the house at 830 pm. Were at his office at 900. A few minor "issues" getting my car on a hitch (even though it does now have a nice Harley Davidson hitch "thingy" (yes, I may eventually know the lingo). So, off we went. Already changing my already planned trip. Drove and drove. About 50 miles from Wichita Falls, the idea of getting to Amarillo were pretty much thrown out the window. But the idea of not getting to stay in a place with a bed -- and morning coffee -- scared me. So, we first attempted to stay at a Best Western in Vernon, TX. Figured that for the most part, our experiences at Best Westerns were much better than those at say -- EconoLodge or Days Inn. But, no vacancy (why was the Best Western in Vernon full?).

So, off we drove. We had seen another Best Western billboard (have to love advertising!) in Quanah. I finally had the brilliant idea of perhaps using the cell phone and calling and seeing about vacancies (have to love technology). Yes! We arrive -- Tony is exhausted and I believe seeing mirages at this point -- and it's a brand new Best Western -- with 10 touring bikes parked out front. 1:23 a.m., arrival at Quanah, Texas. Quanah is a hopping little town (compared to the ones we have passed) -- there is a Dollar General, Subway, Shell, and who knows what else!

Of course I woke up at 557 am, unable to sleep. Downstairs for coffee and remapping our route (they have a computer room, yea!). Big day today -- I'm driving with the trailer. Tony's sleeping (maybe).

Next time, maybe I'll have pictures to share. Off to wake up sleeping beauty.

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GroovyChick said...

Hey sis- glad you're on the road. Can't wait to hear about Day Two!