Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 2 - Finally out of Texas

It took awhile, but we're finally out of Texas and in Golden, Colorado -- home of Coors Light. Drove to Amarillo where we had our first tourist stop -- the texas steakhouse. If you can eat a 72 oz. steak in one hour or less, it's free. Tony and I opted for brunch. Didn't scare anyone too much driving the trailer. Off we go to Raton, New Mexico to pick up Interstate 25. Tony kept thinking I was driving really really slow-- and I was -- but my foot was full on the pedal and only going 60-65. Hard for a lead foot like me to have people passing me, even with a trailer in tow. Finally, just outside Raton, I handed the wheel over to Tony.

Like a different world when we left Texas and entered New Mexico in the grasslands. Passed an extinct volcano (another day, another ride). Kept thinking as we looked at the temperature in the 70s -- why did we trailer (of course, I packed enough for three weeks once we decided to trailer up -- including the golf clubs)??? Until the rain came, not once, but twice. And the traffic in Colorado Springs. Decided that Golden, Colorado would be a nice place to stay for three nights. We're on vacation now! Drink in hand, showered up -- Tony just commented that they need rope lights strung through the Rockies so that we can see them at night. He wants it to look like his boat slip. Nothing better than going out on the boat, watching the sunset, and coming back to the boat slip lit up like Christmas. Now he's singing, so I know the two of us are starting to unwind from a long time in the car (I'll admit, I was really cranky the last two hours -- sorry, Tony). We're on vacation!

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GroovyChick said...

Great pics! Be sure to get some of you and/or Tony on the bike. Have fun!