Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesday Evening

After relaxing and unwinding from our day, we headed to Lewie's on 85 for burgers. We'd passed it a number of times already and heard they had good burgers. They did. We're becoming hamburgers having eaten them everyday! Some people at the next table recommended going to Boars Nest and having a couple more beverages (no liquor) and going out to the creek behind the bar. We did. Very relaxing sitting out there with a Coors Light (Tony had a Mike's Hard Apple Lemonade -- no bacardi). Sun coming down.

Before it got dark, we headed back to Lead and decided to check out Main Street to see if there were any other bars. There were two. Went into one -- can't remember it's name. Pretty dead in there, with a bunch of locals. We decided to have a couple of drinks. It was only $4.75 -- total for a bacardi and coke and a jim beam on the rocks! Only $4.75! We liked this place. Stayed for a couple of drinks and decided to check out the Iron Cactus, a bar two doors down. This place was cheaper. Only $4 for both of our drinks! We liked this place. They had a band playing blues who were really pretty good.

Just having conversation, Tony and I were wondering what teams people in South Dakota followed. Tony thought Denver. I thought maybe Chicago or Green Bay. So, we decided to ask. One person said Denver. One said Green Bay. One said Washington Redskins (for no reason). One said Seattle (she was from there). So, guess we need to poll more people than the ones that we asked (in the paper on Wednesday morning, they did have a big article on Denver, so that must be what the local paper covers the most).

Met a guy at the bar who flips and rehabs houses in foreclosure in California and in South Dakota. He has four houses he's working on in Lead right now. He came into town a week ago on business, not realizing that it was Sturgis week. Got "kicked out" of his hotel because it was booked and was staying (really camping) at one of his properties. We bought him a shot (A Gypsy Hooker -- Tony had to tell the bartender how to make that -- Tequila and pickle juice), Tony had a shot (A Red-headed slut -- Tony had to tell the bartender how to make that -- Jaiger (sp), Peach Schnapps and Cranberry), and I had a shot (Jim Beam -- the bartender knew how to make that). Have a good time, at a really reasonable bar!

Couple more drinks and headed back a block to the Gold Town Hotel for a good nights sleep before Devils Tower.

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