Monday, August 07, 2006

Day 4: Rocky Mountain National Park

We paid our fees and off we rode into Rocky Mountain National Park. First stop was a place that they have Big Horn Sheep. Last siting: July 22. No sheep. So, we took a pit stop and off we rode into the park. I feel like a broken record (for those of you who don't remember records: it's like a bad skipping CD), but it's absolutely beautiful straight ahead, to the left and to the right. I'm getting better at taking pictures on the Harley, but never sure exactly what I'll get. We stop at Many Parks Curve and take some pictures and look at the scenery off of the bike. Smells so clean and so fresh. Oxygen!

Hit Trail Ridge Road and the weather in front of us is looking ominous. Don't know if we'll make it through the park. Pass some alpine glacier "things." We weren't sure if it was snow or ice until we saw the sign. Pulled over and asked a Park Ranger who pulled up if we should continue or turn around. She looked west and said "I'd go back east." So, believing Ms. Park Ranger, we turned back east. Rode back and hit a traffic jam. What is it? It's an elk. We're not sure if that's a bull if it's a male. It was a male. Tony made a Uturn and I got a picture. He was right next to the road. Photo op.

Down through the park and into Estes Park where we encountered a herd of elk in the middle of downtown intersection. A couple of them in the median, not looking concerned about anything. Some babies. They were headed towards the golf course (wish I had my clubs on the bike!).

We decided to take 36 back to 93 towards Boulder and Golden. A completely different kind of ride and the gloves I bought weren't needed since it really heated up. In Boulder, all they had were chain restaurants, so we drove on through. At a light, there was a BMW motorcycle who we asked where 93 was. He said "follow me." We then asked about any biker bars and he said there was one about 15 miles up the road on 93 on the right. Rocky something.

Off we rode. To Rocky Flats Lounge. Next blog: Rocky Flats Lounge.

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