Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day 3 - Lookout Mountain

Since I haven't figured out how to insert photos within the copy, I'll just create lots of little posts. You can see and read what you want.

After talking to Wayne and Ken, off Tony headed. Destination: Mt. Evans. Other destinations: Unknown. We're on vacation! Went up a loopy little road that lead to Lookout Mountain and Buffalo Bill's grave. If the scenary we saw up Lookout Mountain was great, we knew it would only get better.

Now if only I could get my helmet hair to go away. At least I'm in control of the camera.

Down Lookout Mountain and then off to Mt. Evans. I'm navigating and Tony sometimes doubts my skills. So, after going through the tunnel on 70, Tony decides we've gone too far. So we exit and end up in this little old gold mine town -- Idaho Springs. Pass a restaurant advertising trout, so Tony already knows where lunch will be. Drive through the downtown, past a cafe called Jiggie's (had to take this for my college friend Giggy). Get out of the little town and there's 103, the road to Mt. Evans.

Next post: Mt. Evans adventure.

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