Monday, August 07, 2006

Day 4: Heading towards Rocky Mountain National Park

Woke up early and it was looking pretty overcast. But, we put our gear on and off on the bike we went. Worst case scenario would be that we wouldn't make it to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Golden is a great little city, but it is difficult to figure out how to get where. We stopped at the gas station and the woman said to take a right and then head up 93 to 72 in about 7 miles. In about 7 miles, we turned onto 72. What a pretty road with curves and trees.

It started drizzling just as we rode past a little restaurant, the Wondervu Cafe. We stopped and had breakfast and slow service. But, we were dry and our tummies full. Was a little place with all kinds of breakfast stuff (I had eggs benedict, Tony had steak and eggs). Later, we found out that they filled a scene in Switchback at this place.

Rain stopped and off we rode, heading towards Nederline, a little hippie town with a turnabout that headed us closer to Estes Park. Onwards towards Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful ride with curves and switchbacks. Weather was clearing up too. Pretty chilly though and we were wishing we had packed better and had chaps.

Stopped at a little church in the mountains (I'll have to do some searching to find the name). It was dedicated to St. Catharine and there was a statue of Jesus on a hill. We went inside and they had a picture of Pope John Paul II (Tony's thinks) when he visited in 1993. Behind it was a retreat that looked like the hotel in The Shining (it wasn't).

Down through Estes Park (down in a valley with a Lake). Along the way into Rocky Mountain National Park they have all kinds of little condos and hotels. Perfect place to stay for a few days.

Paid our way into the park and off into Rocky Mountain National Park. Next blog: Rocky Mountain National Park

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