Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day 3 - Icy beverages and more riding

After our Mt. Evans adventure, it was time for lunch and an icy beverage (or two). Tony wanted trout, so we pulled into the trout restaurant he spotted on our way through Idaho Springs. There were a couple other bikers who had pulled in as well. But, it looked closed. A woman came out and told us that the town didn't have power, so they were closed. She suggested we head to Crescent City for lunch.

Off we went up the Crescent City Parkway, another pretty ride through the mountains. No curve now compares to Mt. Evans. Get down into another little gold mine town, excited that Idaho Springs was without power so we could see this town. But, no power there as well.

So, off we rode again, the other two riders just in front of us. At the light at the end of the parkway, we followed them -- to a deadend. Wrong turn. Followed them again to a deadend. Tony told them they were fired and we were going to head back to Golden. They were looking for a biker bar.

Get off on 6 and what should we come across -- Kermit's Roadhouse. I wasn't sure about the porta potties out front, but their advertisement for chili, and the Coors Light sign beckoned us in. Outside on the patio, we had a couple of icy beverages and green chili (recommended by the waitress who was having "brain farts" every time she asked us anything) and cheeseburgers. A couple other bikers recommended for our route back to Golden to take 6, about 18 miles. They were locals.

Finished lunch and off we rode on 6 -- pretty ride, through tunnels, with a creek down the side, mountains on either side of us. Would have been even better if the car in front of us didn't have an exhaust problem. I was a little brave and took some pictures on the bike. I'll get better at them with practice.

Just in time, we made it back through Golden, CO, checked out their downtown and the Coors complex (enormous). And then it started sprinkling. Headed back to the hotel for some r&r.

Dinner was an adventure. It was raining, so we took the car (with the trailer). Another advantage to trailering rather than riding. Stay dry. All of the restaurants nearby looked packed and parking with the trailer impossible, so we headed up the road a bit. To a place that advertised "the best prime rib in town." Not sure which town, and the sign didn't look really convincing, but we were hungry.

Sat down, ordered. Waitress comes back: no prime rib. Give us a few minutes. Ordered filet. Waitress comes back: no filet. Apologizes and says that we'll get free dessert. We decided to pay our tab and go down the road a bit more. Free drinks for our pain (that's worth it). See a sign for Dino's Italian Food. Sounded like a place to eat. A little more than a pizza joint, but lasagna and canolli and garlic bread filled our stomachs. Not all that excited about Denver being a no smoking in restaurants and bars, but we can deal.

Back to the hotel to get ready for Day 4 adventure. Weather permitting: Rocky Mountain National Park.

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