Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Spearfish, Deadwood and Sturgis

On the road again this morning. It was chilly. Hard to believe last week we were complaining (polite term for what we really were saying) about the heat in Dallas. Decided to go through Spearfish Canyon, then on through Deadwood and then to Sturgis. On the way to Spearfish Canyon, stopped for breakfast and filled our bellies with cinnamon rolls and bisquits and gravy (no, this isn't a low-carb vacation). On we rode through the canyon. Most of the bikes seemed to be going the other direction. Lots and lots of bikes. Surprised at how many women have their own bikes. We rode through a canyon surrounded by evergreens with a creek running along side of us. Stopped at a waterfall, along with everyone else on the road. Don't know which of the waterfalls we stopped at.

Passed the Spearfish Canyon Golf Course on our way out of the canyon. A pretty little course. Didn't look too difficult, but was funny to see guys with their Harley shirts teeing it up. Onwards towards Deadwood, where we stopped, went into one of the casinos (not quite like Vegas), and into a couple of Harley shops before heading through the downtown. Again, lots and lots of bikes. Had to take a picture of the Indian Taco stand sign and then go over and ask them what an Indian Taco is -- it's a sweet bread with meat and chees and sour cream and tomatos and lettuce.

Our next mission: Sturgis. On the way, we passed a "little person" on a bike -- pretty amazing to see a small Harley built to fit him. I knew it would be crowded in Sturgis, but nothing quite explains it until you see if for yourself. Tents and tents and bikes and bikes and bikes -- and we hadn't even hit the Main St. where most of the bikes were. We turned and hit that street and it was amazing. Thousands of bikes down the center and the sides of the street, with bikes down the center and the sides of the streets on the side roads. I'm not much on crowds and it was crowded. But, you can't not stop and experience it, even for a little bit. So, we got off, after finally finding a space to park the bike, and went shopping. Tony found chaps and a vest. He's excited about that since he's been looking for over a year and they even cut them to fit while we waited.

Asked someone where the Full Throttle is and found out it's a couple miles down the road (away from the cops). That's also where Strokers has a set up. Figured we'd ride out there, check it out. Decided against visiting Strokers because it was tent city and the parking lots were loaded with bikes. Went over to the Full Throttle and immediately ran into the three guys we met next door at the bar last night (small world). Had a drink and an Indian Taco (couldn't not try one) and wandered around. Inside Full Throttle is a little "town" filled with vendors and a band and little bars and the inside is all dirt (in some cases: mud). The weather had really heated up and Tony's feet were killing him (blisters), so we headed out. Took forever to ride through Sturgis with the crowds, so when we finally exited, we went up 90 back to Spearfish Canyon.

Of course it looked like it would rain the entire way back. But, luck was with us and we only had a few minutes of drizzle. Again, pretty day with great scenary and new adventures. And, didn't get into any trouble. But, it's only 4 pm and we're back at the hotel/inn (I think Inn is a better descriptor of where we are staying) to rest a little bit and then head out to dinner and see what's in store for us.

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