Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 9: Last Day in South Dakota

Both of us slept in this morning (me until 545 am!). I went across to get my morning coffee and newspapers. Brought the computer outside and plugged it in and started uploading photos. It's a lot of work this vacation thing. Taking pictures, uploading pictures, captioning pictures, rotating pictures, blogging. Got dressed and out the door, deciding to have breakfast in Deadwood and ride through Sturgis one more time. Definitely a lot of people have headed out of town already or were leaving today. Deadwood was half as busy as last time. Same for Sturgis. Stopped in the Broken Spoke to check it out. They have a bunch of motorcycles on display so we took some pictures of the Triumphs for Steve Anderson (we know he likes Triumphs). Saw the maps that have pins of all of the people who stopped by and where they are from. They have one of the world and one of the United States. Dallas was well represented. They have celebrity bike builder bartenders during Sturgis. Rick Fairless/Strokers was there on Thursday night. Guy at the bar said that he loved Texas Hard Tails, the show on Speed Channel that Tony's been in about four episodes of. Guy was sad that Debbie, Rick's wife, didn't make it to Sturgis this year.

Decided to take a ride to the Strokers set up across from the Whiskey Throttle. Got inside and found out we had to pay to get in. Since we see Rick up at Strokers and don't have to pay for the privilege, we decided not to go in and head up Spearfish Canyon Highway. Picked up some sandwiches and water for a picnic on the highway next to one of the babbling brooks. That was fun. The water was chilly but felt good on our feet!

Stopped at Roughlock Falls. According to the sign, they filmed a scene of Dances with Wolves at Roughlock Falls. Tony and I can't remember the scene. Guess we need to watch the movie again. The falls are picturesque and again, a new history lesson about how they were formed: Roghlock Falls was created over time as a result of the solid bedrock which did not erode as quickly as the soils downstream. Roughlock Falls got its name from the way wagons had to travel down very steep slopes like this during the gold rush days. The drivers would "roughlock" the wheels of their wagons with logs or chains to prevent them from turning, hitch the horses to the rear, and slowly skid down the slope.

Back at the hotel/inn to pack up and get the bike on the trailer. Our vacation is almost over. Have had an awesome time, but will be happy to get back to see Maggie and Kat and get back to work. Decided our route back to Dallas -- through South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and finally, Dallas. It looks like it'll still be hot when we get back.

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