Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day 3 - Morning

I apologize for my blogging newbieness. After typing in a blog, somehow I lost it all. Oh, well. That means that the next one will be better.

We had a good full nights rest. I woke up early (but late for me) and went downstairs for coffee and to fill out postcards while Tony slept. After 7 am, went upstairs and he was already up and showered. Time to get our vacation started with some riding -- much better than driving. And, as the couple who helped us get Tony's bike off of the trailer, said -- get there early because the weather can get bad in the afternoon.

Our destination: Mt. Evans. Other destinations: Unknown.

Went down for breakfast. Tons of people. Let's skip. Tony goes out to put the tour pack on the bike while I have another cup of coffee. Five minutes later, no Tony. I head outside and he's talking to some other bikers. Who are the bikers: Wayne and Ken. What a small world: Wayne is our alley neighbor who Tony met a couple of weeks ago to talk bikes and Sturgis. And they are staying at the same Hampton Inn in Golden, Colorado, as we are. They recommended a ride through Route 6 -- and some other routes, but we're new to this area and everything is foreign.

A breakfast biscuit, and we're off to go. We did exchange numbers with Wayne and Ken, who were on their way north towards Sturgis. We'll see them there.

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